[Corporate activity policy]
Connecting Japan with the world, making people happy

It is our aim to be a global company that connects Japan to the world. Through challenging many difficulties that have not been solved so far, we would like to contribute to the whole society greatly.

In 2012, we firstly released "FastTrade substitutional system" (now, "CiLEL"), Chinese import substitutional system of cloud. This service has contributed a great deal to success of many EC business operators. By adopting development of artificial intelligence and translational technology as quickly as possible, we would like to improve our service and help our customers who engage in EC business to work in better field.

We are considerably interested in serious issues of a lack of education and child labor problems in developing countries. Through local business activities and donation, we aim to solve those issues from a global perspective.

We are pursuing not only our own growth but also the improvement of the whole EC market. We believe that promoting technological innovation and providing new services and platforms lead more pleasant and valuable society.

Under the Fast Trade CSR principles, which are "Healthy EC market", "Appropriate import procedures", "Promoting Women's Careers " and "Support for developing countries," we will work through our business to solve social issues.

Ryohei Mikami, Representative Director, Fast Trade Corporation

"Healthy EC Market and Proper Import Procedure"

We deisre to contribute to building a healthy EC market and proper individual import procedures in Japan. We will cooperate with both our customers and all the stakeholderscreate a new social value.

“Promoting Women's Careers”

We have been improving the work environment for women and promoting women's careers. As a result, our female ratio achieves about 73% in March 2017.
However, for further development of FAST Trade Co., Ltd., more of women's activities is essential. In addition, we believe that applying women’s perspective to our business will create new corporate value.
Therefore, promoting the success of women is one of our important missions and we are working through it. by changing the way of thinking and the working style of all the employees of our company.
At the same time, we will play an important role as one of the authorized companies which promotes women's careers in Fukui.

“Support for developing countries”

Today, our world has various social problems related to poverty, energy, education, food, medical care, and health in emerging and developing countries around the world. We have been working through these issues.
By establishing a branch office and doing our business in Bangladesh, we have created a lot of employment for local workers.
In addition, we have been making efforts to improve educational standards there by visiting local schools.

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