Basic policy against anti-social forces

July 1, 2016

We comply with the 'Guideline for How Companies Prevent Damage from Anti-Social Forces' that was agreed at a meeting on June 19, 2007 of cabinet ministers responsible for anti-crime measures for operating appropriate and healthy business and at the same time we decided 'the basic policy against anti-social forces' complies with our 'compliance regulation', taking action with a firm attitude to anti-social forces to shut the relation.

  1. 1) Ban any relations, including trading with anti-social forces

    We operate our business with a focus on banning any relations with anti-social forces fully recognizing the importance of preventing victims for our company members and customers.

  2. 2) Taking action as an organization

    We systematically deal with anti-social forces and act to secure the best safety for our employees.

  3. 3) Prohibition of engagement in secret transactions with and provision of funds to anti-social forces

    We do not perform any infelicity nor provide unusual convenience facilities to fund and hide the fact with anti-social forces.

  4. 4) Cooperation with external expert organizations

    We strengthen our cooperation with external expert organizations such as the police, the National Center for the Removal of Criminal Organizations and lawyers to be able to receive appropriate advice and cooperation when against anti-social forces.

  5. 5) Legal responses, both civil and criminal, in the event of an emergency

    We make legal responses actively based on both civil and criminal aspects to unreasonable claims from anti-social forces.

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