Privacy Policy

Fast Trade Co., Ltd. hereby considers personal information protection important, and observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and this Privacy Policy and makes great efforts to protect our customers' privacy protection.

  1. 1. Collection, use and provision of personal information

    We collect personal information appropriately considering the business contents and scale, handle it within the nessesary scope to meet the purpose of use and do not use personal information beyond the purpose of which it is meant for. Also, we do not provide personal information without the person's permission to a third party. In order to do that, we provide each type of operation procedure and conduct an operation check and internal audits.

  2. 2. Compliance

    We comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the law for handling, the act related guidelines that were regulated by the country and other standards on operation of 'Protection of Personal Information Management System'.

  3. 3. Implementation of safety measures for protection of personal information

    We put great effort into protection of personal information introducing safety measures with appropriate and resonable levels through office entry and exit control, implementing security control of the information system and educating employees in order to prevent from loss, destruction, manipulation, damage and leakage of personal information thoroughly.

    Furthermore, in the case of outsourcing the handling operation of personal information, the outsourcer shall be restricted to what we confirmed was safe based on the safety standards of protection of personal information.

    We have a system where we take action for preventing recurrence by extracting and solving the problems analyzed and the causes of event occurence as well as taking action immediately to prevent from damage expanding and converging situation.

  4. 4. Complaints and consultation regarding the handling of personal informaion

    We set up personal information contact desk for complaints and consultation of handling personal information and we take action immediately without delay.

  5. 5. Continued improvement of the protection of personal information management system

    We parallel changes in social conditions and technological advancements, consider our company's business environment, check the contents of 'the protection of the personal information management system' and the operation status, review and make improvements.

    We declare we protect personal information based on the following policy.

Personal information contact desk
Fast Trade Co., Ltd.
CEO Ryohei Mikami

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