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  1. 1. Purpose of this website

    This website is to provide general information about the service provided by Fast Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company").

  2. 2. Disclaimer

    Our company gives no warranties or guarantees whatsoever regarding the contents and assumes no responsibility or liability for any losses, expenses or damages occurring in making use of the contents.
    Our company may, at its sole discretion, change, suspend and stop any portions of the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

  3. 3. Copyright

    All contents contained in our site are protected by copyright and other rights held by our company or by other parties that have granted our company license to make use of them.
    Users are strictly prohibited to copy, modify, repost and distribute any information of written consent on this website beyond the legally permitted scope such as private use without our company's prior permission.

  4. 4. Privacy Policy

    Users comform to our Privacy Policy for handling of personal information on our website.
    (See here for Privacy Policy.)

  5. 5. Links

    Our website may be linked to other websites created and managed by third parties. We do not manage any contents on other websites owned by the third parties that are linked to our website.

  6. 6. Usage environment

    [ Cookies statement ]
    We use cookies on our website for some user services.
    Cookies are a system to identify users by saving information on the users' computers, harddisks and memories through web browzers.

    We use cookies only for the following purposes on our website:
    (1) To manage the information between screens by using cookies and to make sure it is the same person.
    (2) To prevent unauthorized access and ensure users' security.

    Cookies cannot be conducted as a program and the information in the cookies is encrypted.
    Also, the cookies used on our website are only used while browsing.
    Therefore, the user's privacy protection strength and security are at an extremelly high level compared to regular cookies.
    Please setup your web broweer to be able to receive cookies to use all our functions.

    [ JavaScript and style sheet ]
    We use JavaScript and style sheet on our website. In order to use all functions on our website, please set up an environment that allows the usage of JavaScript and style sheet.
    Normally, browsers are set to 'valid'. (If the setting above is not set to valid, the screen will not be shown correctly and problems may be caused through parts of functions being unable to be used.)

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